A Snack Feast For All

Something For Everyone

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When you need to send that special message to loved ones or business partners across the globe

  • Bottle of Ice Tea 330ml
  • Pack of Mixed Nuts 85gm
  • Pack of Chocolate Chip Cookies 40gm
  • Chocolate Bar 35gm
  • Box of Biscuits 60gm
  • Pack of Pop Corn 45gm
  • Pack of Pretzels 50gm
  • Pack of Cookies 45gm
  • Pack of Corn Chips 45gm
  • Pack of Potato Chips 55gm
  • Pack of Mixed Salted Snacks 100gm
  • Pack of Corn Crisps 75gm
  • Pack of Cheese Crisps 65gm
  • Gift Wrapping;
  • Greeting Card
  • World Wide Delivery​​​​​​​



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